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CM at Risk Services

CM at Risk Services

Construction Dynamics, Inc. (CDI) proudly offers CM at Risk services to include but not limited to the following:

  • Assist the Owner and Architect in Defining Program Needs and Space Requirements
  • Assist in Defining the Owner’s Budget
  • Coordinate the Selection of the Architect/Engineering Team.  Contract Will Be Written Between the Owner and the Architect. (For Design-Build, Architect & Builder are On the Same Team – One Contract)
  • Develop a Master Schedule (List of All Keys Items of Work from Pre-Design to Construction Completion)
  • Analyze the Current Site
  1. Obtain Quotes for Site Survey and Site Topography Drawings
  2. Obtain Quotes for Subsurface Investigations and Facilitate Process
  3. Check Need for Environmental Survey and Facilitate, if Required
  • Prepare Budget Cost Estimates During Each Design Phase
  1. Schematic Budget Estimate
  2. Design Development Estimate
  3. Final Estimate Based On Complete Drawings
  • Work With Owner and Architect to Obtain Local and State Agency Approvals
  • Assist the Owner in Developing a Master Plan
  • Value Engineer the Project (Seek Cost Reduction Measures)
  • Coordinate With the Owner Purchased Items
  • Conduct Owner Review Meetings Throughout the Process

Advantages of CM at Risk Services

  • Ability to Select Contractor Early in the Design Process
  • Separate Contracts Between Owner and Architect & Owner and Contractor
  1. Check and Balance System
  • Contractor Reviews Drawings During Entire Process to Reduce Mistakes
  • Contractor Provides Pricing During Each Design Phase
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price is Presented to the Owner By Contractor
  1. Contractor’s Fee is Determined Upfront
  2. Competitive Bids Are Sought From Subcontractors and Suppliers and Reviewed With Owner
  3. GMP is Established
  4. Cost Savings to Be Shared With the Owner
  • Same Contractor Who Has Been Involved From Beginning Will Build the Facility